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History of AAESQ

Administrators from all the English schools of Quebec formed AAESQ in 1998.  The Principals, Vice-Principals and board level administrators from many school boards across the province became the first members of AAESQ.  From the eastern shores to the western parts of Quebec, AAESQ became the provincial association for English in-school administrators and board level administrators. (Commission des ecoles catholiques de Montreal; Commission scolaire Baldwin-Cartier; Commission scolaire Jerome- LeRoyer; Commission scolaire Sault St-Louis; Lakeshore School Board; Laurenval School Board; Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal; Region School Board of the Gaspesia; Western Quebec School Board, et al).

During the 1997¬1998 school year, representatives of the Quebec Association of School Administrators (QASA) and the Quebec Association of Catholic Administrators (QACSA), met on an on-going basis with the objective of forming a new association of educational administrators. This was done to coincide with the amalgamation of school boards from confessional to linguistic boards for July 1, 1998. The Association of Administrators of English Schools of Quebec (AAESQ) became a legal entity on August 11, 1998.

The QASA negotiating team was represented by Ron Silverstone (President), Ed Meehan (Executive Director), Gregor Campbell (who became the first President of AAESQ), David Hogg (who succeeded Gregor) and Howard Schwartz. The QACSA negotiating team was represented by Helen Vertolli (President), Larry de Gruchy (Executive Director), Shane Rathburn (the third President of AAESQ), Frank Dottin and Lloyd Rideough.

The Annual Spring Conference, which was a highlight of the QASA years, became a mainstay of the new Association. Each year different boards are asked to host the Conference, which requires a lot of time and effort by members of that particular board.