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As a retired member of AAESQ, you are entitled to a variety of services and activities that are planned throughout  the year. You are joining a group of over two hundred retired education professionals with common interests. Through the many activities, you are able to see former colleagues to reminisce about the “good old days” and catch up with current happenings. All our activities are advertised on the AAESQ Retirees’ webpage and the AAESQ Bulletin. The AAESQ Bulletin is sent to you four times a year, so that you may keep up to date with the latest happenings of our association.

The office staff of AAESQ will always be available if you require advice or information regarding financial planning, access to government agencies, insurance matters, legal advice and more.

Come join your former colleagues! (To download a membership application form, click here.)

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You can always contact us either 

by phone: 514-426-5110

or e-mail: info@aaesq.ca