AAESQ Retirees

Membership & Mandate


Excerpts from the AAESQ By-Laws:

6. There shall be four categories of members: Active, Associate, Retired and Honorary. 

  1. Retired members are former Active, Associate or Honorary members of the AAESQ, or former active members of QASA or of QACSA, who have retired and were in good standing at the time of their retirement.

Association of Administrators of English Schools of Quebec
Retirees Committee

The mandate of the Retirees Committee is to organize activities of interest to retired members of AAESQ.

The Committee shall consist of retired members of AAESQ who volunteer to participate.

The Committee shall meet at the call of the Chair as often as necessary at a time and place convenient to the majority of members.

The Chairperson of the Retirees Committee shall be elected or reconfirmed as the Chairperson at the first meeting of the Retirees Committee each year. 

It shall be the responsibility of the Chairperson to realize the mandate of the Committee and to chair meetings of the committee. From time to time the Chairperson may delegate one of the other members of the Committee to carry out these responsibilities as may be necessary.

The Executive Director of AAESQ will monitor the funds of the portion of the AAESQ Budget allocated to the Retirees Committee.

The Secretary will keep the minutes of the meetings.

The services of AAESQ will be used to publish and distribute documentation for the Retirees Committee including Minutes, Committee Reports, items of interest to retirees and information for the AAESQ Bulletin.

The Executive Director of AAESQ is a member of the Committee ex-officio.