AAESQ Retirees

Prince Edward County Wine Tour


Bob and Dany

Bob's Favorite

Brenda and Robert

Carol and Mario

Carol and Warren

Carol and Warren

Caroline Granger


Grange Tour

Grange Tour 2

Grange Vines

Grange Vineyards

Grange Wine Cellar

Grange Wine Cellar 2

Grange Wine Tasting

Grange Wine Tasting 2

Grange's Caroline Granger and David

Grange's Selection

Great pizza

Joey and spouse

Katherine and spouse

Katherine in the Cellar

Lunch 1

Lunch 2

Lunch 3


Maria and Marzia

Maria and Marzia's Collection


Marzia and Patty

Michael and Domenic

Michael et al


Norman again

Norman entertaining

Norman Hardie

Norman once again

Pizza oven

Roman and Maria

Ron and Spouse

Ron and spouse

Walk in the Clouds

Walt and spouse